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Discover the Best Baguio Accommodations

Recommended Baguio Accommodations for Your Perfect Getaway

If you’re planning a getaway as a Solo traveler or with family to the cool embrace of Baguio’s pine-scented air, you’re in for a treat. Nestled in the heart of the Summer Capital of the Philippines are four recommended accommodations that promise not just a place to stay but an experience to remember.

1. Hotel Supreme Baguio

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Hotel Supreme Baguio

Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of pine trees, and just outside your window, the breathtaking view of Baguio’s rolling hills. That’s the kind of morning you can expect at Hotel Supreme Baguio.

Hotel Supreme Baguio

This establishment, with its classic charm, offers a cozy retreat for both leisure and business travelers.

What sets Hotel Supreme apart is its strategic location—outside the busy center of Session Road and yet a stone away from La Trinidad. This means you’re just a walking distance away from the Bell Church and 3 mins away from the Strawberry farm.

Bell Church

Bell Church


La Trinidad

La Trinidad

So, after a day of exploration, you can retreat to the comfort of your room and relish the day’s memories.

Price per night with breakfast for 2: 1,900 Pesos / 34 USD

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2.Baguio Lefern Hotel Miltary Cut-off

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Lefern Hotel Baguio is a hidden gem, a sanctuary in the midst of Baguio’s urban jungle. As you step into the lobby, you’ll be greeted by an inviting modern ambiance – a not so typical vibe in Baguio Hotels.

Baguio Lefern Hotel

lefern hotel baguio

Tucked away in the serene outskirts, this boutique hotel seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Baguio Lefern Hotel

Baguio Lefern Hotel

Baguio Lefern Hotel

Lefern Hotel boasts rooms that provide not just a place to sleep but a cozy haven to unwind. The large windows offer panoramic views of pine tress, creating a picturesque backdrop for your stay.

It’s a perfect spot for those seeking a balance between nature and the city’s vibrant energy.

Price per night Deluxe Twin Room 2 with no breakfast: 3,000 Pesos / 54 USD

3. Casa Vallejo

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For those who love history and charm, Casa Vallejo is a must-visit.

casa vallejo

Situated in the heart of Session Road, this boutique hotel is a delightful fusion of vintage architecture and contemporary elegance.

As the oldest hotel in Baguio, Casa Vallejo carries a rich history that adds a layer of character to your stay.

Each room in Casa Vallejo is uniquely designed, making your accommodation experience one-of-a-kind. The hotel also houses Hill Station, a renowned restaurant that serves delectable international cuisine, adding a culinary dimension to your Baguio escapade.

Price per night Standard Room for 2 pax with breakfast: 5,000 Pesos / 90 USD 

4. Mines View Park Hotel

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True to its name, Mines View Park Hotel is conveniently located near the iconic Mines View Park.

mines view park hotel

Guests can easily explore this popular spot, where the breathtaking panoramic views of abandoned mining sites and the Cordillera Mountain range unfold.

double deluxe

deluxe bathroom

It’s a perfect opportunity for a leisurely stroll and to connect with the natural wonders that define Baguio.

Price per night Standard Room for 2 pax with breakfast: 3,000 Pesos / 54 USD and 5,000 Pesos per night for Quad Room

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a central hub for your Baguio adventures, Hotel Supreme Baguio, Lefern Hotel Baguio, Casa Vallejo, and Mines View Park Hotel offer distinctive experiences tailored to different preferences.

So, pack your bags, embrace the cool breeze, and get ready for a Baguio adventure like no other!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ma’am Lee, hopefully soon makapunta ng Baguio with My Family at ang gagandang Hotel
    Kung Saan hotel dito magstastay ay talagang mag eenjoy 💯

  2. Thanks for recommendation po Ms Lee ang ganda talaga SA Baguio at Di pwede ang isang araw Lang para malibot ang buong magandang lugar nito❤️

  3. Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Nkakamiss makabalik ng baguio, thanks for the reco atleast my idea na po kami kung sna mgnda mag stay dito sa baguio lalo na sa mga my plano na mag baguio. 😍

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