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Discover the Hidden Gem: Foggy Heights Private Resort Pool

foggy heights cover

Hey fellow traveler! 2 weeks ago, me and my Blogger friends went to Foggy Heights Private Resort Pool, to unwind and enjoy the weekend. This private resort is a peaceful spot in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines.

Tagaytay has a lot of charm and great weather. It’s beautiful views and peaceful surroundings make it a place you’ve got to see. Imagine having your own space in this side of south Manila.  It’s more than just a space though, it’s a nice private pool resort that guarantees an experience.

Affordable Private Resort

foggy heights pool

As soon as you step into Foggy Heights, you’ll be hit with the stunning sight of green plants everywhere. It gives off a peaceful and calm vibe.

The pool is the main attraction, but the best part is how affordable Foggy Heights is.

You and five of your buddies can have the pool all to yourselves on weekdays in the off-season, and it only costs 6,500 Pesos. Yeah, you heard that right!

It’s a private retreat that won’t make your wallet cry, but it’s still a great value for money.

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foggy heights unit

Peaceful place inside the village

The second you dip into the pool’s cool blue water; you’ll instantly feel pumped. The fresh and cold Tagaytay breeze whispers through the trees, making you forget all about your city stress.

Room Info

foggy heights room

Our unit is a 2-storey house with living room, dining, kitchen, 3 airconditioned bedroom and 2 toilet and bath.

In-house bar and “paluto”

Besides having fun at the private resort, you can also order drinks and food there. Just make sure to order in advance, as they need time to prepare and buy fresh produce at the market.

foggy heights bar


Foggy Heights is a perfect mix of simple and quiet private resort. The rooms are very homey and have all you need. The use of natural colors matches the environment and makes it feel peaceful.

Book your stay now!

Foggy Heights Private Resort Pool is your chance to chill out surrounded by nature, with all the modern stuff you need. It’s super affordable, and you’ll make memories that’ll last way longer than the trip itself.

So why hang around? Let Foggy Heights wow you and plan that next trip right now!

Keep on exploring and making new memories. Here’s to the next adventure. Let’s go!

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