Unveiling the Charm of Althea’s Orchard Private Resort in Lemery, Batangas

Althea’s Orchard Private Resort

In these crazy city-life times, finding a chill spot smack dab in the middle of nature is a big deal, right? So, if you’re hunting for such a sweet escape, get to know Althea’s Orchard Private Resort in Lemery, Batangas. It’s like this awesome mix of pure chill out and Batangas’s rich culture.

althea's orchard

althea's orchard

Looking for some peace and quiet? Check out the cool nature vibes at Althea’s Orchard.

What really makes Althea’s Orchard stand out is that even though it’s untouched by all that commercial stuff, it still gives you all the beautiful, untouched scenes you crave.

When you hit the resort, birdsongs and a lush garden greet you, setting the whole chill vibe. You’ll dig the peaceful sights of all the greenery and those fruit-packed trees in their garden.

Get lost in the awesome vibes of Althea’s chill spots!

As soon as you step into Althea’s Orchard, you’ll feel right at home. The stay is a cool blend of local charm and modern comfort.

It’s like each corner is carefully put together to give you that chill yet luxurious vibe. Plus, you’ve got the villas showcasing some pretty rad views of nature and Taal Lake.

Not Just an Abode, an Experience

Althea’s Orchard is not just a resort. It’s an experience. A peaceful environment that will envelope your whole body and soul.

Effortless Reservation

Althea’s Orchard has made booking a breeze with Airbnb, whether you’re a regular visitor or you’re just winging it on a whim.

And guess what? They’ve got a super swift support team on standby to help you with all your booking stuff anytime. They’re all about making sure you start chilling even before you get there.

Why Althea’s Orchard Should Be Your Wedding Destination?

Althea’s Orchard is such a beauty. It’s totally soaked in that authentic Batangas vibe. You can chill out, treat yourself with the fancy stuff, or get into some old-school games – the orchard has it all.

You know how life keeps us crazy busy and we forget to stop and smell the roses? Well, Althea’s Orchard gives you a chance to do just that.

Resort Amenities

Sala Althea's Orchard

pool Althea's Orchard

Infinity pool

Jacuzzi pool

Garden wedding venue (can accommodate 80 pax)

Tree house

Barbeque area

Kawa Bath

Spacious Parking area

1 Bedroom with pool access equipped with 2 Quen size bed and ensuite bathroom

1 Bedroom with balcony equipped with 2 Quen size bed and ensuite bathroom (located at the 2nd floor)

2 Bedroom with 2 bunkbeds good for 6 pax each room with ensuite bathroom (located at the 2nd floor)

Karaoke room (located at the 3rd floor)

Spacious living room

Fully equipped kitchen – with utensils, and kitchen appliances

24/7 security guard


On weekdays, you can rent the whole resort for 23,000 good for 20 adults and on weekends, for 25,000 Pesos.

If you’re tired and need a break, curious about Batangas culture, or hunting for a cool place to tie the knot, this is your go-to spot.

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