Stay Fit and Healthy During The Pandemic Lockdown

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, our lives have been changed forever. When something’s going around in a full circle, it is very common to feel nervous and overwhelmed.

We’ve followed government guidelines and have all been urged to return to our respective place of origin to flatten the curve.

Thus, it is thought that social distancing and maintaining strict hygienic practices help to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Lifestyle Change

This unique lifestyle change is likely to normalize a more sedentary lifestyle filled with hobbies such as watching TV, reading for long hours, and being on the internet for longer than average stretches.

In order to sustain an active lifestyle in the age of social differences, we must be constructive and even innovative.

The way you eat and the foods you eat are related to your overall health Nutrition is key in all three areas: your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, and your social well-being. preventing disease is very necessary.

People who are fit and have low levels of risk of heart disease typically live longer than people who are unfit. If you aren’t active, you have high blood pressure, or you smoke, or if you don’t follow the doctor’s orders you can die.

How to stay healthy physically and mentally



One of the main purposes of meditation is to relieve discomfort, which in turn leads to lower levels of anxiety. The technique is used also to cultivate additional helpful behaviors and emotions, such as a good disposition and perspective, self-discipline, healthier sleep schedules, and even improved resistance to pain.
Stay connected.
stay connected


Take this moment to reconnect during self-isolation with your friends and family. To stay in with friends, you will learn how to use modern technologies.
You can digitally call and communicate with anyone every time of the day with applications such as Zoom or Skype.
Practice easy home exercise
Research shows that daily exercise makes you fall asleep quicker and increases sleep efficiency – and it is often found that having a decent night’s sleep boosts your immune system.
Suggests that routine exercise of low strength has immune enhancements that can protect the body from battle infections such as COVID-19.
Stretching/easy yoga poses


Morning jog



Hula hoop

hula hoop
Eat healthy
veggies and fruits
Good eating is a mixture of the number of calories for how much you want to exercise. It is important to also eat a diverse array of foods to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it requires.
healthy food


Self care
self care
Caring for yourself allows you to maintain a positive relationship with others. It’s about getting your creative juices flowing in order to be able to offer the best to the people around you.

We should be mindful that while eating healthy foods, rest, getting enough rest, and caring for our mental health all contribute to our ability to fight illness, it is not a cure and does not provide protection from acquiring this disease.

Additionally, consider social distancing, socializing, wearing a mask when face-to-to-face.

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