AIA Total Health Solution

MANILA – With the current worldwide pandemic, taking care of our health is more crucial than ever. With so much on our plates now, it might be difficult to prioritize one’s health.

All of AIA Philippines’ services are available through a single touchpoint platform, allowing customers to live better, protect better, and get better.

In the midst of the pandemic, AIA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Leo Tan stresses the necessity of staying well. “We all have different health demands, but we all want to be as healthy as possible. The Total Health Solution ecosystem will assist our clients. Previously, insurance companies only provided protection. Total Health Solution is available to help them live better, protect better, and get better.

Live Better

Customer support for a healthy lifestyle is available through AIA Philippines’ Total Health Solution ecosystem. It houses the AIA Vitality program, which rewards clients for knowing and improving their health. EZ Consult, for example, allows clients to consult nutritionists with a few mouse clicks.

Protect Better

“As a life insurer, our objective is to cover more Filipinos. Ultimately, that is what we do. “Through Total Health Solution, we can help people protect themselves and, more importantly, stay protected,” Tan said.

Customers may see and adjust their policies within the ecosystem. These facts can help consumers avoid skipping payments by reminding them when their premiums are due.

Get Better

Total Health Solution provides 24/7 support to consumers. Teleconsultation, pharmaceutical delivery, vaccination administration, and cheap laboratory procedures are all available.

“The pandemic has heightened Filipinos’ need for healthcare solutions. We aim to be their health and wellbeing partner. A consultation or lab procedure might be stressful these days, especially if you don’t know where to go. This ecosystem assures our consumers that they will be supported in all aspects of their health care needs,” Tan added.

With Total Health Solution, AIA Philippines has completed its path to bettering Filipinos’ lives. The shift to AIA Philippines has led to several new solutions for customer care. To assist more Filipinos to live healthier, longer, better lives, Total Health Solution allows us to be with our consumers every step of the way,” stated Kelvin Ang, CEO of AIA Philippines.

Visit AIA Philippines’ Facebook page, contact, or phone (02) 8528-2000.

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