Mindscapes has greater access to quality mental health services for Philippines


Even prior to the COVID pandemic, stress is on the minds of the anxious and mentally ill already exists.

In fact, six million Filipinos are reportedly living with depression and anxiety Because of the pandemic and the months-long lockdowns, that number might have increased significantly.

At the same time, nine out of ten Filipinos believed that they were less healthy due to the “PhilCare Quarantine Wellness Index” statement. Covid over the course of the year may be on the rise.

Interestingly, nine out of ten expressed fears of a “second wave of infections” during the study.

The rise in mental health issues among Filipinos is met by PhilCare’s new service, which offers scalable and customizable programs to corporations and individuals who want to help care for their workers during their journey.

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All aspects of a person’s mind are considered when Mindscape treats people with mental health and wellness in mind. Using a technology-enabled platform, they make their clients feel safer and more protected when they are seeking mental wellness.

Plan participants may use affordable plans, specifically for MindScape and Mind PLUS Counseling and a person or help someone see a psychiatrist for as needed.

Phil’s Memberships and video consultation service is available through the HeyPhil app. Both PhilCare memberships and non-membership services are provided. Non-members may purchase prepaid PhilCare plans for P1,000 and P3,000.

In addition to individual services, Mindscapes provides a wide array of services for corporations to identify and address mental health issues. Companies may decide to include in-app counseling and resources for their employees, as well as access to mental health policy development, webinars, and educational materials. MindFusion provides testing services for businesses to assess their employee needs as well as clients’.

Jaeger L. Tanco is the creator of Mind Scapes. as one of Mindscape’s core advocates, he sees it as a service that can help many Filipinos during pandemic crises.

In my business career, I’ve come across colleagues and partners who have experienced stress, and mental illness. It saddens me to think that there are more people who need help but can’t get it. The other is because we developed Mindscapes “Everyone deserves good mental health care,” Tanco put forth.

We’d like to offer a technology-based solution in Mindscape to meet the mental health care needs of our nation.” because of our AI-powered programs, we’re hoping to better and more quickly help those who need it the most ‘We would give them hope in our own way,’

To look up Mindscapes, visit  http://mindscapes.com.ph/

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