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For Filipinos, the ber months are the time of year for celebrations. Pinoy Filipinos love to embrace joy and celebrate joyous occasions. Celebrating life’s milestones is a means of gathering with family and friends and providing significance to someone.

For an insightful statement, check out this one by the renowned cartoonist, Terence E. Deal: “Celebrations inject life with passion and meaning. To invoke the human spirit, they call on humanity.

Century Park Hotel has all the reasons to rejoice this September, which marks the hotel’s 100th anniversary. It was also recently granted multiple use hotel (MUH) status by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Bureau of Quarantine, and this recognition followed shortly after it was awarded the Safety Seal Certification. Non-quarantine and quarantine visitors can now stay and enjoy the hotel’s amenities.

With the multi-use hotel designation, it is now feasible to host an essential meeting or social function.

The hotel is marking its Sapphire Anniversary in September, and this latest development couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Century Park Hotel is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment with packages and goodies, thus marking the occasion.

For P4,995 net / set, families and small groups can have a delicious meal with an extensive variety of dishes good for eight to ten people. To add to the excitement and enjoyment, the hotel’s chefs created monthly themed dinners, such as Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Filipino.

Everyone who orders one of our fantastic anniversary Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse Cakes receives a FREE additional anniversary cake, plus we’re giving you P200 discount at the Deli Snack.

Chinese Cuisine

century park hotel anniversary


Week 1

Microwaved Mini Pork Buns

Snow peas and fried scallops are an excellent combination with black beans.

steamed teochew oyster cakes.

Fresh prawns steamed.

A complete picture of the Brown Sugar Roasted Crackling Pork Char Siu

Let’s throw a party! a cold mango soup served with crème sago.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

century park hotel japanese cuisine


Weeks 2 and 3

Everyone has a signature sushi roll.

flavorful traditional Japanese ramen

This appetizer has tofu furai in shitake mushroom sauce.

Teppanyaki-style salmon

Shrimp & Tendon Herb


Green Tea Cake from the Green Tea Operas

Sophisticated but healthy food

Week 3

Stews full of seafood, from crustaceans to oysters.

Mango Chicken Grilled in Jamaica

Pork spareribs

Baked macaroni and cheese.

Creamy Kale Salad

Seasonal vegetables flavored with butter a collection of delectable French pastries.

Filipino food

asian cuisine


Week 4

Incredibly crispy pork belly kare-kare

Gruyère cheese with mushrooms and leeks

Grilled Calamari Stuffed

Salad With Lime

Specially prepared Palabok that is topped with squid and chicharon




Mercedes hand (wrist)

You must contact 8528-5855/56 or send an email to 09176332497 in order to get a one-day advance booking. To make a transaction using a PayPal account, send payments@centurypark.com an email with a request. a payment of Ph or cash to PNB (or BDO) (0044 7000 0100).

Pay for your tickets by sending a receipt of payment to the Viber number, as well as advising the date and time of pickup (between 10:00AM and 6:00PM). Delivery services include, but are not limited to, Grab, Lalamove, and others.

The customer will bear the cost of transport expenses.

To celebrate its birthday, the Century Park Hotel is giving away complimentary Deli Snack Rewards Cards to visitors. Customers will earn bread and pastries as a reward when they visit from September 1 to November 30, 2021, as part of the DELIciously DELIghtful Deals program.

A single stamp is issued for every P500 purchase made at the outlet (beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.). Only meal delivery apps (except Food-on-the-Go) that you order from will earn your rewards.

After the discount, the price needs to be equal to or higher than the minimum purchase amount to earn a stamp. Gift Certificates used in transactions are exempt from the rewards program. Until November 30, 2021, Redemptions are limited to just this one time.

In the Philippines, it is claimed that Christmas is celebrated the longest because “it legally begins in September. This year, our anniversary fell on this month, so we celebrated no matter what the scale of our win was. Although the year 2021 has been a challenge, we focus on the positive.

Thanks to the multitude of reasons to be appreciative, we have increased our safety seal rating, updated our hotel status to that of a multiple-use property, and, most importantly, provided even more of our own brand of hospitality to everyone who comes through our doors. Speaking about 45 degrees, Anthony Tan, Century Park Hotel’s General Manager, remarked, “We are quite proud of this accomplishment.

On behalf of our grateful guests, we extend our appreciation to everyone who has helped us throughout the years. We have prepared a nice assortment of celebration snacks as a way of demonstrating our appreciation for being together throughout the years. In conclusion, we want everyone to be pleased with the things that we have planned.

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