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Being cheated on by your partner is the worst feeling one could ever feel, especially if you are deeply in love with that person. That feeling that you thought you will not feel again after having multiple heartbreaks.

That feeling that you trusted someone, and you let that person know everything about you and you let your guard down. The wall you’ve been protecting your heart, and you learned to build trust after having trust issues from your past relationships and suddenly you experienced that BETRAYAL AGAIN.

Worst feeling ever! I know, we’ve all been there. But how do you trust again after that? Will you forgive and forget or end the relationship right away?

Not everyone will have the courage to give a second or third chance to the person who broke your trust. But will you? You might want to take a chance again and do these steps if you really want to fight and continue being with that person, if you are willing to forgive and re-build.
trust again.

1  Acceptance



Accept the fact that all humans make mistakes. Cliché, yes! But who doesn’t? Acceptance and forgiveness do not happen overnight. Be patient. 

2 Communicate

Oftentimes, both of you do not communicate well. A one-sided relationship where only one of you talks and says what he/she wants and does not ask the other what he/she feels. Be open to your partner and you have to compromise. 

   Take responsibility

You made a mistake, own up to it, and
do not make stupid excuses to justify your wrongdoings.

4Be honest

You have to be honest with yourself first, so you can be honest to your partner, and you can say whatever you want, whatever you feel, and what needs to be done to have a stronger relationship.


forgive couple


You want to be forgiven by your partner, accept that you made a mistake, and forgive yourself. One can never move forward if you don’t forgive yourself and accept the fact that you fcked up and became indecisive, and not thinking correctly.

6Be one

You are both a different individual, with a different mindset, goals, perception in life but as a couple you both need to BE ONE. That you both want to save this relationship. Compromise and the two of you want to move forward, rebuild the trust, and to stay in the relationship.

be one


It’s not EASY. It’s a process and be in the process. Take it slow, talk to your partner without judgment, and decide if it’s worthy to save the relationship. If you truly love your partner, no one can argue to save the relationship, give him/her a second chance, apologize to each other, forgive, and let the LOVE rule between the both of you. 

If you sincerely love someone, it’s easy to be faithful. Never break someone’s trust and ALWAYS respect each other. Work on having a stronger relationship and pray (if you believe).

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