Mens View On Dating An Alpha Female


In our society, it has always been the male who is dominant, who is the boss, the one who handles the relationship, and the list goes on. But would consider dating an alpha female?
Alpha females embodied confidence, believe in her full capacity to achieve her dreams without any help from her partner, extremely ambitious, and have superb leadership. 
For women: Would you consider yourself an alpha female? A dominant? Have you always been like this or somehow overtime it triggers you and became that superwoman you are right now and you just became an alpha. A woman who knows what she wants knows how to say NO, and can handle herself.
dating alpha female


Dating an alpha female

We’ve asked men about their views on dating an alpha female. Continue reading and you will read interesting takes by different men.
No. Coz I don’t believe in an alpha female nor an alpha male. There is a thing called compromise and doing what is right.

– Jem


They’re reasonable in terms of discussing plans, they are goal oriented and doesn’t give a lot of tantrums 😂   May be high maintenence but she can provide for herself, doesn’t ask too much of material things, so you’ll both grow financially.

– Jonathan

Yes, hahaha I’m always the one in control in the relationship but I also value her side and opinion.

– Sylver

Yes, I will date an alpha female because I, myself is an alpha male. 

– Dennis

I wouldn’t call my wife an “alpha-female” though I think she is one coz she’s a senior manager at a bpo company…but I see to it that I put her up on a know like a “happy wife, happy life” sort of thing…I fully support every decision she makes and I don’t question it…and if sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned, she knows I’m there to remedy the situation…and honestly it feels good when your wife seeks my help given her status at work…and in return she fully trust me in whatever I do

– Claude

No, because I want to be the dominant and to have control in everything but I also want to be fare with my partner. 

– Jobert


Would you consider dating an alpha female and you always want to be dominant and have a submissive partner?

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