With its continued financing, BDO Unibank shows its dedication to environmental responsibility. to deserving initiatives that boost climate resilience and broaden economic opportunities for everybody.

Considered Crucial Bank of the Philippines acknowledges its significance of as a contributor to the growth of the Philippine economy’s carbon emissions through encouraging environmentally friendly infrastructure and green building design footprint.

The company, Menarco Development Corporation (MDC), is a winner of numerous awards and is widely respected in its field. A business that specializes in real estate development and management, plays a pivotal role in propelling a less harmful to the environment Menarco Tower, an office tower and MDC’s inaugural development, was completed in 2005.

The 32nd Street location in Bonifacio Global City epitomizes Menarco’s compassion for human beings and the environment. Menarco’s improved infrastructure is a direct result of its water conservation measures.

Passive and active methods, the latter of which involves physical activity, sensors, double-paned windows, greywater recycling, energy recovery for outside air supply, and its edible garden is watered by drip irrigation and it can endure even the fiercest typhoons. To tremors and shaking thanks to its sturdy construction.

Not only is Menarco Tower environmentally friendly, but it’s also good for you. A green structure that prioritizes the environment and employees’ happiness is essential to the success of the business as a whole, according to Carmen G. Jimenez- Menarco Development Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Ong.

Gold-level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification has been awarded to Menarco Tower and has won the title of “Best Green Development” at the Southeast Asian Property Awards and Property Grants in the Philippines Achieving LEED certification is a mark of Sustainability success and pioneering direction. In the Philippines, Menarco is the only active developer.

This is currently certified in 5 different countries. “When the pandemic hit, we knew we needed a bank for our money.” necessities of management. Our prior loan wasn’t properly structured, so we had to foreclose.

BDO’s loan plan was the best fit for our ability to make monthly payments. BDO is a company that takes the time to listen and discovers ways! Sometimes our Chairman Emeritus, Menardo Jimenez, may be very picky and demanding in his essentials and luxuries.

BDO made an effort to maintain a positive relationship with his family in order to retain him.

According to Jimenez-account. Ong’s “A solid connection with a bank is like nourishment,” says Menarco’s chief executive officer. Keeping in mind having them there to back up our next effort is comforting.

Depend on our bank, they’ve got our back partnerships to facilitate daily tasks, and optimize resources, and, the advent of digital technology, means – it forces us to rely on financial institutions to process our payments on schedule.

We trust that BDO is invested in our company’s success and is committed to working with us to develop win-win solutions, win-win,” Jimenez-Ong sums up.

The goals of BDO Unibank and Menarco Tower are the same. Unwavering dedication from the Bank to the BDO Corporate Center (BDO CCO) in Ortigas, Philippines, is a 47-story office building designed with sustainability in mind building has also been awarded the LEED certification. It’s the area’s first skyscraper dedicated to commercial office use.

The New Construction Category in the Philippines to Earn a LEED Gold Certification. CCOs at BDO have various automated sensors and controls (for carbon monoxide, temperature, and occupancy) light-detection sensors, timer switches, and dimmer-controlled blinds that can all help reduce energy consumption.

It also features dual pipework in this flush using reclaimed water from the plumbing system.

BDO Unibank sees investing in sustainable businesses as a rewarding opportunity to help the community. Economic growth is possible because of the environment and the Bank’s backing of green construction growth.

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